Zinnias.  That’s what’s  inspired me to write this blog.   I love the colors.  Some people get a sugar buzz, I get a zinnia buzz.
I’ve been a florist since 1976.  I owned a floral design studio specializing in European design, exotic flowers and tropicals for 15 years.
I am a textile artist.  I can’t get enough buttons and laces and fabrics and threads.  I enjoy sewing my own clothes, home accessories and quilts.


Some of my stash

I do machine embroidery and create and digitize a lot of my own designs.

And, of course, I love to bake.   With lots of butter and sugar.  And chocolate.

Some of my rolling pins

So with all that going on, I get inspired by everything I see. Sometimes it’s a fruit salad to create a quilt, a sunset for a cluster of candles, or a glass of ice water for holiday decorations.   I am constantly putting color, fashion and decorating trends in my head and then waiting for them to appear on the market. 

Color inspiration for 2012

So, today these pretty pastel pink zinnias…

…inspired me to machine embroider baby diaper shirts.  

Diaper shirts are known in the south.  Because of the hot weather, momma dresses her baby in just a diaper and a light cotton shirt.