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I’m making chocolate covered  Oreo’s© to share on Valentine’s Day.   If you like Oreo’s© you will love them dipped in chocolate.

I’m enjoying my snowy winter day, staying inside and making these delicious treats.  I’ve got the radio on and how ironic that “they” are coming across with the news that sugar is “poison.”  I should have been dead a long time ago.

Well, anyway I’m going to share this recipe with you, but eat at your own risk.

You’ll need:

One box of Oreo’s©

One pound of chocolate wafers to melt

Decorative sprinkles (optional)

Cover a cookie sheet with a piece of waxed paper. This makes clean up a whole lot easier.

Pour the chocolate wafers in the top of a double boiler.

Melt the chocolate over low heat.

Drop an Oreo© into the chocolate.  I only do one or two cookies at a time.

Cover the cookie with chocolate.

Remove the cookie from the chocolate with tongs and place it on the waxed paper.

Decorate with sprinkles or strizzle with another color of chocolate.

Let the chocolate set before eating – about ½ hour.

After chocolate is set remove from waxed paper and enjoy.  I do.