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If you’ve read my previous posts you know I’m a very organized person. Everything is in its place. I’m not a saver, I love to recycle because it keeps everything neat and tidy. However, as an artist, I have a hard time throwing away my magazines and catalogs. I’m constantly referring to them for inspiration. I might want to look at kitchen redos, painting a basement floor, recipes, or curtain styles. You never know which magazine you’ll need. Thank goodness for online boards like Pinterest because that’s helping me organize new ideas, but I still have all those old Quilting, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart and Cooking Light Magazines.

I just can’t justify spending $8-$20 for each magazine file box, because I would need several.  An inexpensive solution is to decorate your own.

I’ve been fortunate to acquire some used boxes and I’m updating them by covering them with wrapping paper. You don’t need magazine boxes, you can use cereal boxes or Priority Mail boxes from the post office. Go through your cupboard and keep an open mind. Think about it…National Geographic is a different size than Real Simple or a graham cracker box might be the right size for Reader’s Digest.

You will need:

Tape measure or ruler

A box


Wrapping paper

Just a thought…use a good quality wrapping paper that won’t tear easily.  I like Caspari. It’s heavy duty, there are a lot of pretty options and you’ll only need one sheet to cover a standard size magazine box.

Tape or glue

Labels (optional)


If you will be using a grocery box or a box from the post office place the box on it’s side.

Remove the “top.”

On both sides of the box measure  2-3” from the edge of the box and 2-3″ down from the “top.”

Cut and remove the measured sides.

Wrap the box like you would a gift.  Sharp corners and edges.

Fold over the edges of the wrapping paper to the inside.

I used a bit of spray glue on each side so I wouldn’t have tape showing and it secured the wrapping paper nicely.

Take your time wrapping the box. This will be seen on your bookshelf or the kitchen counter.

If you want you can add a label to the side to make your magazine file easy to identify.

Wrap a few boxes in coordinating paper and display together.