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Mason jars have been upcycled and repurposed these past few years.  They come in a variety of sizes and help to organize an art area or sewing room.  They’re great for storing buttons, threads, ribbons, thimbles, bobbins, glitter, beads, quilters’ pins, tape measures, seam rippers and tools.  An extra creative way of using these jars is to make pin cushions on the top of the lid.

You will need a piece of fabric for the pincushion.  I like to use a small, sweet, print…

but it’s your pincushion, so you get to choose what you want.

To assemble you will need:

Mason jar with a removable screw top lid and lid sealer

Small piece of fabric



All purpose glue or a glue gun




Cut a round piece of cardboard the same size as the SEAL of the mason jar.

Measure a round piece of fabric 1” larger than the SEAL of the mason jar.

Place a small bunch of batting BETWEEN the cardboard circle and the wrong side of the fabric circle.  Not too much batting, but enough to make a pincushion mound under the fabric.

Starting with the right side of the fabric push these pieces, as one unit, up through the LID RING.

Once the cardboard sits on the inside ring, fold and glue the fabric edges to the inside of the cardboard.  Try to make these as smooth as you can and not too bulky.

Glue the TOP side of the SEAL to the BOTTOM side of the cardboard.  This becomes your pincushion lid.

Tip:  Color coordinate your threads, buttons or ribbons in each jar.  This makes it easier to locate a particular item later.

I like a pincushion just for my sewing and embroidery needles and another for my dressmaker pins.

Fill your mason jar with your sewing, scrapbook or embroidery items. Put your pincushion lid on your filled jar.  Voila.

This would make a great gift for the artists and designers you know.  Fill the jars with items from their favorite supplier.  This would also be a thoughtful contribution to keep a beginner enthused in their new interest or hobby.