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I have a lot of laces, trims and buttons.  

I can’t help it.  They’re so pretty.  I buy them thinking I’m going to embellish, enhance, or update a blouse or an old sweater or curtains, bu this never seems to happen.  Sometimes I want to keep them because if I use them, I won’t have them anymore.  I’m like that with some fabrics too.  I buy them and enjoy looking at them, but I have no intentions of cutting them up.  ever.

I have found these handmade spools to be a simple solution to storing the ribbons so they don’t get tangled.

Materials needed:

2 Buttons


A plastic drinking straw





Pull a thin ribbon through the holes of your first button…

You may need to use a toothpick to push the end through a small hole, and pull with a pair of tweezers.

Cut a plastic drinking straw approximately 3” long…

Thread both ends through the 3″ drinking straw…

Then out of the button holes of the second button…

Pull taut and tie or knot.

Wrap your trim over the straw of the spool. 

Very pretty. 

Now that you have your ribbons neat and tidy you won’t have to use them.  ever.